Born in Québec City, Orbie has lived in Cap d’Espoir, Gaspésie, since 2005. A self-learner, she has worked as an illustrator for over 10 years. 
In 2014, she illustrated her first children’s book, “The little pig, the bicycle, and the moon” (Simon & Shuster), which won the Quebec Booksellers Prize, 0-5 Years, and has been translated in multiple countries across the globe. She has also worked on “Sloth at the Zoom” (Owl Kids Books) who was the honour book of the Blue Spruce Awards, and many other books in French, her mother tongue. 
Her first book as author and illustrator,  “The Clothesline“, was published in October 2019 and just won the Peuplier Awards. 
Since becoming a mom, Orbie has created multiple illustrated tools on motherhood which have become very popular, like the well-known “Baby Sign language poster”. Her own children are endless wells of inspiration for the webcomic she publishes on her blog.
For several years now, she has produced a cartoon published monthly in the Graffici newspaper. 
She regularly visits various schools to offer workshops, sharing her passion of illustrating books and comics with students. 
It’s a part of her job that she loves and which greatly inspires her. 


The Clothesline, Owl kids books, 2019
The little pig, the bicycle, and the moon, Simon & Shuster, 2018
Sloth at the zoom, Owl kids books, 2018

French books :
– Pas de chevaliers pour les pirates (Les aventures de Sven le Terrible), Éditions les 400 coups, 2020
– Clovis a peur des nuages, Éditions de la Bagnole, 2020
Clovis est toujours tout nu, Éditions de la Bagnole. 2019
On a un problème avec Lilou la loutre, Éditions Fonfon, 2018 
Pas de princesse pour les pirates (Les aventures de Sven le Terrible), Éditions les 400 coups, 2018
– Série Chloé et moi (Chloé et les animaux, Fée Chloé, Chloé part en voyage, L’Halloween de Chloé) , Éditions Fonfon, 2017
Pas de vacances pour les pirates (Les aventures de Sven le Terrible), Éditions les 400 coups, 2017
La petite truie, le vélo et la lune, Éditions les 400 coups, 2014
Les vacances, Éditions de l’Isatis, 2014

Awards and Distinctions

– Peuplier Award, The Clothesline, 2020
– Harry Black Award nomination, The Clothesline, 2020
– Artist of the year nomination, CALQ, Gaspesie-les-Îles, 2020
– Honour Book #1 & finalist for the Blue Spruce Awards, A sloth at the Zoom, 2020
– TPL (Toronto public librairies) first and best, A sloth at the Zoom, 2018 
– Quebec Booksellers Award, 0-5 years old, The little pig, the bicycle and the moon, 2015
– Quebec Booksellers Award nomination, 0-5 years old, The Clothesline, 2019
– Harry Black Award nomination, On a un problème avec Lilou la loutre, 2019
– Second prize, Hachette Canada Cartoon contest, Histoire de pêche, 2010

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