Cheat sheet for a physiological birth – Poster – Pale Skin

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lllustrated poster memo
for a physiological birth
(Perinatality tool)

Here is the poster I created to remind me of the notions of physiological childbirth.

It’s available for all parents-to-be who’d liked to use it, while their preparation to childbirth and to have a reference document for the big day.

There is a PDF version in color or black and white (to be colored) to download on my Etsy Shop :o)
(There’s also a version with Dark skin & Curly hair)

(A professional licence for professionals who work with future parents and a large poster to hang on wall are also availables.)

I recommand to familiarize yourself with the tool, in the weeks preceding the term, with the person who will be with you during the birth. In the coloring version, color what speaks to you the most :o)


I developed this tool after taking childbirth classes with a great doula.
I wrote notes for my childbirth and I made some drawings.
During my second pregnancy, I got into the hospital two weeks beforehand,
so I had a looooooot of free time to get ready and (re)read about physiological birth.

I wrote new notes to remember the key points of the readings and made a cheat sheet.
That is how this tool was born. 

Since then, it has helped many women through this wonderful processes that are labour and delivery.
This is an upgraded version of what I draw at the hospital. 

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