The Little Pig, the Bicycle, and the Moon

Simon & Shuster, 32 pages, 2018
Pierrette Dubé  & Orbie
Rosie is a little pig who has everything she needs right on the farm: a mud bath to play in, plenty of food to eat, and a deliciously smelly pigpen. But then she sees a small, ugly animal with two feet and no tail riding a bicycle and she thinks “That’s easy. I could ride a bike too.”

It is only when she sneaks out at night to try to ride the bike herself that Rosie realizes it’s not as easy as it looks. First you have to learn to pedal…but you also need to know how to balance, and braking is very important, too. Every night, watched over by her friend the moon, she tries again and again, and after each failure, she learns something new: to give a push, to wear a helmet, to ask a friend for help. And so every night she tries again, because she knows that if she could just learn how to ride a bike, why, she could travel to the other side of the world…or maybe even farther.


Translations : 
Éditions les 400 coups, Qc (fr), Canada, 2014 (original edition)
Sinnos, Italie, 2018
– Grupo Kipur, Colombie, 2015
– Book Good Come, Corée, 2016
– Oriental Babies & Kids Limited, Chine, 2017

Awards and distinctions:

Quebec Booksellers Award 2015, 0-5 years category
Library’s choice 2014
– Coup de coeur Renaud-Bray   


Catégories: Jeunesse, Livres